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I almost gave up

Giving up is an idea. It’s whatever the opposite of an act is. If you take action on an idea you have, you typically get to a point where you’re not sure how much further along you want to make it. For instance, this website was something I’ve long debated giving up. Why?

For one thing, I haven’t been offering healing services–so this website sits here and promotes old items, or new blog posts, neither of which generates more interest from passersby or income as a result of sales. I was planning to take down this website with no further ideas about where I might end up. However, the fact of the matter is simple: the internet isn’t going anywhere. I am known to a select few people, and people are going to check in on me now and then and see what I might have on offer. What if I suddenly decided to start working with people for healing again? What about the next time I publish a book? (I know it doesn’t seem like I’ll ever publish another book, but I promise, I have a number of them in the works). I gave up on social media.

The opposite (and antidote) to giving up is taking action. I’ve been writing several new books, all of them are exciting and potentially going to be great fun for anyone curious about my life, interested in fiction, or curious about the healing work I used to do. I’m considering making a YouTube presence and tinkering with different ideas about what might be useful and exciting to everyone. I might concentrate that channel on healing work, or writing and reading. I haven’t decided yet. When I do choose, you might benefit from subscribing over on the right-hand side of my blog to get notified in your email that something is up. That will also be true for new books I put out there and of course new blog posts.

Giving up because something is expensive or not going the way you planned only happens because you forget to breathe fresh life into it. And that’s what I’m committed to doing from now on. I did quit social media because it was sucking the life from me, and now that I have, I can continue to focus my energies on the digital parcel of ‘land’ I’ve cut out for myself. My website is my digital domicile, the pulpit on which I (virtually) stand and share my thoughts and feelings. And I intend to do much more of that. So, if you happen along here and decide you still like to read (or possibly later ‘view’), then I pledge to make it worth your time to do so.

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