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Updated 2/1/17

This is awesome: text your zip code to 520-200-2223 and your list of federal and state representatives will be texted to you, so you can just click on their numbers. I tried it. It works.

Speaker Paul Ryan’s office has re-opened its phone lines.
Dial 202-225-3500; a voice will offer a menu of issues, press #6 to leave him a message. You can talk about ACA, Muslim Ban, Bannon, Cabinet candidates, Trump. Your choice.
YOU HAVE TO SPEAK QUICKLY, because there is a time limit.

Here’s a simple template:
“Hi, my name is XXX, I’m a constituent from NAME PLACE, zip code 000000, I don’t need a response. I am opposed to any ban on Muslims entering the United States and I encourage the Senator to please oppose implementation of any such ban. Thanks for your hard work answering the phones!”
This is the crux of the matter. TALLIES matter, NUMBERS matter. Numbers are votes and that is what will move them.


HOW TO USE YOUR MONEY, TIME AND PRIVILEGE TO BENEFIT THE #RESISTANCE, with a special note for digital entrepreneurs

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Following up on my post on How to Be a Social Media Activist for the Resistance, I’ve had a request to write this post. This one is tougher for me to write, in part because as the CEO of an online business, I have a hell of a lot more flexibility with my time than most do (which is in and of itself a form of privilege).

All that said, here are some guidelines to follow to support us all as we rise and fight back.


For those of you who are able to contribute money right now, these are the places that could use the MOST support.

ACLU Nationwide is on the front lines of every single effort to stop the administration’s efforts in court. If you can only donate to one place, my view is that you should donate to them. They defend the rights of all of us.

National Immigration Law Center is working with the ACLU against the current travel ban. They can absolutely use our support.

Human Rights Campaign is one of our nation’s largest defenders of LGBTQIA rights. I have been a committed supporter of their work for more than 15 years.

Planned Parenthood Action will also need an immense amount of support for the coming battles over women’s healthcare and particularly pro-choice efforts in collaboration with other women’s rights organizations. They have also already had their public funding scaled back dramatically, EVEN THOUGH NO FEDERAL FUNDS are used to fund abortions. This means that poor women nationwide will be deprived of necessary healthcare as a result of the Trump administration unless those funds are made up somewhere.

NAACP Legal Defense Fund is on the front lines of opposing nominations that impact civil rights legislation.

National Council of La Raza is the largest Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States, and also battling to defeat the Sessions nominations among other efforts.

Disability Rights Advocates and Disability Rights Legal Center are two options to support legal efforts to defend the rights of differently abled people.

Efforts are also underway to put together a PAC on behalf of the Resistance generally. Stay tuned.


I have probably spent way too much time in front of the computer and MSNBC/CNN over the past ten days. All that said, however, I am finding that cycling in and out of presence to current events is necessary to my mental health.

So here’s a few suggestions:

~Start your day as quietly as possible. Meditation is a good idea. At the bare minimum, wash your face, brush your teeth, snuggle your kids/dog/partner, before checking your phone.

~Don’t check your phone or turn on the news until you’re really ready to engage. The pace and instability of current developments will shoot your blood pressure through the roof instantly if you’re anything like me.

~Get up and walk around every hour. (This is good advice for those of you who spend a lot of time sitting generally). Your body and mind will need the break.

~Claire Hayes, my EFT/Matrix practitioner, recommends that if you start to get particularly angry or agitated, you do something physical to burn that off. This can include exercise, putting on some music to dance, or some serious tapping down the meridian lines that run down the outsides of your legs to clear anger. Do this whenever you need to.

~Remember to try to stick to your regular sleep schedules. I know this is hard, but it is really important that we all take time to rest as much as possible. Like many of you, I have been plagued by really awful nightmares lately, but I am trying, really hard, to get as much sleep as I can nonetheless.

~BE PRESENT FOR YOUR KIDS. I put this in caps because even little kids are deeply aware right now that something isn’t right in our nation. My littlest one (3) came home from school one day and announced that “Donald Trump grabs people, but only girls, and doesn’t stop when he’s told to.” Kate Anthony and Carrie Contey are two conscious parenting people who I follow actively and who have some great advice for parenting during this trying time. Regardless, though, turn your phone off and stay away from scary news when you’re with your kids, and tell them that you will keep them safe.

~Protest in any way that you can. This may include physical protest, online protest, calling your Senators and Reps every day, or organizing others. I am doing a combination of these depending on my energy levels on a given day.


Like many, I have found it very difficult to focus on work the past few days. However, work can be a welcome relief from current events. Here’s what I am trying to do, in general.

~Do as much as you have to, but not any more than you have to. This is a moment to conserve energy to #resist as much as you can. I am certainly not advocating that you do anything that will cause you to get fired, but I do think we all need to be very mindful of our energy right now. This is likely to be a marathon and not a sprint of #resistance. Conserve. Conserve. Conserve. Delegate and manage your time. Stay focused.

~FOR DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURS: if you are running an online business, I have a few particular words of advice:

1) Turn off your scheduled social media posts. I and many others have complained already that many pre-scheduled posts are reading as extremely tone-deaf right now given current conditions. Things are bad enough without damaging your professional reputation by coming off as non-compassionate or just plain off.

2) Use your platform as a part of the #Resistance. I am doing that just by talking to you here. I am past the point of caring if this will cost me money from pro-Trump people. Principles matter. Integrity matters. Lead by example and galvanize your people, and trust that karma will take care of you. Celia Ward-Wallace is someone who is doing this particularly well right now.

3) Be VERY careful with how you are selling at this time. Again, this is a part of not just avoiding blowback to your business, but also about meeting the needs of your people.

As someone who trains and coaches in the Women’s Leadership arena inside and outside of corporate America, I have an acute professional and personal intersection with the decisions of this administration and EVEN I am being extremely careful with how I sell anything right now. (Don’t ask me how I am going to fill our next digital program. Our entire team is considering this right now, but we are committed to standing in integrity and focusing on the big picture right now).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not try to profit off the current state of affairs or the trauma of what people are experiencing right now. Because that’s not just out of integrity– it’s gross.


First of all, please recognize that being able to use your money and time to support the #resistance is in and of itself a sign of privilege. So start there.

But from that place, a few other actions of note that you should consider taking:

~Open your home to your neighbors who are vulnerable. Here in my neighborhood, this means I have given my snail mail address to several friends who are scared, including several neighbors who are concerned about ICE activity and being deported. I have also reiterated to everyone who seems scared that I am here, and I am listening.

~Actively listen to other folks within the #resistance about their experiences, needs and fears. Not everyone is being impacted in the same ways at the same moments. Our actions need to be targeted to protect and give voice to all, collectively. Listen and learn, and act from that place.

~Be willing to put your body on the line to the extent you are comfortable. Here in NY, that means that I have not only protested, but I have also physically stood between a hijabi woman and someone who was threatening her on the subway, as well as come to the defense of a woman who was begging for money when a man screamed at her that no one wanted to hear from her any more. Trust your instincts, be safe, and also don’t be afraid to stand up to the extent you are comfortable. Create zones of safety physically and energetically for those who need it.

~DO NOT berate people for not doing more. We are all doing our best right now. Some of us have more time, energy, or focus available to us than others. THAT IS OK. Some of us are really uncomfortable with crowds. THAT IS OK TOO.

Also, and most importantly, it should be a given that just because a given action of the administration doesn’t impact you does not mean that it doesn’t hurt others. As I said yesterday, WHEN THEY COME FOR ONE OF US, THEY COME FOR ALL OF US.

Part of the leadership for those of us in positions of privilege is that we MUST do what we can on behalf of those who can’t or aren’t able to do so for themselves. This, in my view, is a fundamental part of what a healthy democracy is based on.

If someone you know is hurting, afraid or unable to use their voice for any reason, BE THAT VOICE.

That’s all for now folks.


I’ll keep updating here for those who don’t have/don’t visit facebook. –Scott


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