Current Project Report & Beta Reader Option

In a break from my political posts, I’m going to talk a bit about my current projects. There are 3 works in progress (WIPs) I have on my plate right now.
One is the third installment in the Chloe’s Travels Series (Battle of Trygernon). For those of you unfamiliar, each installment is usually very short, about 30 to 50 pages each. Chloe wants to go home, to her universe, to her America. But, being trapped on another planet that is being invaded by war from a feuding race of people may threaten her chances. So she steps up. Because all children have super powers…

The other third installment in the Owen Hunter Series (OHS) is Prevail (and yes, that’s the book cover), is going along in editorial land now. Believe it or not, the process to edit a book of this length, especially having two preceding tomes to search through to make sure there are’t any inconsistencies really takes a long while!

Last, but by no means least, I am nearly halfway through writing a new standalone novel, which may also become a series of standalone novels with the same character. It’s about a modern day High Wizard from another world living in our own world in modern times. He is nearing his 300th birthday (Wizards from his world tend to live to about a thousand in ours.) It’s a mystery novel, and I’m excited because I’ve never written anything quite like this. Magic abounds, and so does good and man made evil. It’s under a code name for now; “Clive” (don’t worry, that’s not the Wizard’s name!).

Hit me up if you’d like to be a beta reader at:

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