Happy 4th! May Freedom of Speech Reign!

One of the greatest qualities of our country, America, is the right to free speech that we all have. I can write a novel, or a short story, or a blog article, and it’s not an illegal act to do so. I can say whatever I want to anyone I want…of course, there are consequences. We have the right to choose our words and our deeds, but not what happens as a result.
Today I celebrate this freedom, even though too many have abused it for so long. We can use words to create, or destroy. We can use words to heal and bring union, or poison and divide people. Words are our choice and they are our freely given right as human beings.

I choose to use words in a way that create diplomacy and delight. I choose to use words that bring honor and careful consideration.

I choose to use words that can uplift and entertain the spirits and minds of everyone who reads them or hears them from me.

Happy Indipendence Day!

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