About a short story I just wrote

Yesterday after work I took a nap. When I woke up and sat on the couch for a bit I surfed YouTube and found a brief Interview with Stephen King about short stories. I’ve written short stories before, I have a steadily building collection of them, in fact, but something the man said struck me.

“Writing short stories is how I started out. Sometimes I’d write what I thought would be a short story to discover it actually turned into a novel. Misery started out as a short story.”

He also went on to say that the ideal length of a short story was around two thousand words, or maybe just a tiny bit over. But any longer than that and it wasn’t a short story anymore and it wasn’t a novel. That is when you introduce the novella.

Well, for some reason I was inspired. I don’t, as a rule, take naps all that often. I have too much I want to do in life like many of us do that precludes napping.

I wrote a short story that just burst out of me. For now I’m calling it “The Bone Tired Hero” but I’m sure the title will change when I’m done editing it. When I’m done it will go into a collection of short stories and maybe, one day, it will get published somewhere. Or, I might–if prompted by you nice folks out there–publish it here for all to download for free as a PDF or something. It’s short, a touch over two thousand words.

It’s a suspenseful short story and it really grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. I like the twist near the end, in fact there are a couple of twists. It looks one way as you’re reading it, and then it’s revealed that something else is going on.

Also it speaks to our times in the #metoo movement (of which I support fully) and which is fresh in all our minds.

I can’t find the meme now, but I read something to the effect of: “Studies show that relationships last longer when the man isn’t a total douche-bag.”

I’m still laughing at that one.

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Scott Marmorstein
1 year ago

The short story in question is currently in edit mode. I plan to leave a link to a PDF people can read in their browser or download for later. Print permissions have been removed, however.

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