The Trilogy On Hiatus

Whew, it’s been a while. So much for my attempt at hand-writing posts. Oh well. And in that vein, I want to say that it is with a heavy heart that I am putting the Owen Hunter on a permanent (well, we’ll see how long) hiatus.

This isn’t one of those serials that’s doing anything. I have rewritten the 3rd installment over 4 different times, and each version just seems to lose the thread more and more. So, after all these years, we can lay Owen Hunter’s trials and travails to rest. I have to move on, much as it pains me to leave all that in the dust.

I left the 2nd of the 3 books on a real cliff-hanger, and well…it’ll just have to be like that. I’m sorry. I can’t tell you what happens, because each time I’ve tried to push the door open into that world again, I’m led down false corridors, boring scenes, and unsatisfactory character developments. I might be able to push on at some point before I die, and if I do I might even rewrite the entire book the way I thought it should be from the outset. But most likely not. I want to concentrate my efforts on other, better written, tales. Namely that of The Chronicles of Ionor which is in edit mode now. It’s also just one book. Think about the Sherlock Holmes ‘series’ which is not linear in nature, add high fantasy to modern everyday life, and you’ll start to get an inkling of it.

I’m excited about this upcoming book. I’m finally learning how to write (better, anyway) and there’s no use in keeping out a story that not only isn’t doing well in terms of reach and sales but that I can’t focus on well enough to end properly.

I knew you’d understand. And if you don’t, let me know about it. Tell me if you think I’m wrong to do this. Otherwise, I’ll take your silence as tacit agreement.

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