Time is too precious to waste on boring books. (Opinion)

I don’t write editorials, but this is still an opinion piece. I’ve read a lot of books. I’ve tried to read some books and been incapable. There are just some books that for whatever reason may not actually be worth your while to read. I imagine someone out there could disagree with me about that. I do know there are people in the camp of reading something through to the end simply because they bought it or they are into self-torture.

However, it’s ok if you’re not masochistic with the books you accumulate. If you’re reading physical books and find yourself unable to get past chapter 1, it’s not a waste. You can donate to libraries or your friends or your fireplace during cold winters neighbors. If you collect ebooks you doing have to worry about them taking up space. I also look at reading like this: just because I can’t get though something now, doesn’t mean I won’t circle back around to it at some point in the distant future. When I’ve already read all the other good books. I also hold the notion that I could end up pleasantly surprised.

But sometimes books are just terrible. And they have no redemptive qualities that you can imagine. I’ve actually deleted some books from my kindle library having never got past a few chapters in because they were so bad that I knew it wasn’t something I could ever condone.

Life is short, read the good stuff and don’t worry about the rest.

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