Burning to tell you every-nothing

There was a time when I had a burning yearning desire to share my whole world with anyone, with everyone. It was a brief period sometime in the crustacean era when I still found myself visiting Facebook too many times a day to say. I had a lot of things I wanted to write down and say, or so I thought. However, there are some flaws for a guy like me to share every little thing on my mind with a public audience. For one thing, most of my thoughts just aren’t that important. For another thing, they aren’t that interesting either.

For another thing, the kinds of thoughts I kept coming up with were inciting by nature. I wanted to cause people to stop and take notice of me. If I’m being honest it’s because of the way the platform works. There’s something about how you have to work hard to get people’s attention. You have to ‘shout’ loud enough in the virtual space to get any notice. You still have to, but here on my own website, it doesn’t seem like shouting. Here it feels more considered, more thought out, and less like boasting of a life-well lived via images and inane paragraphs. Here you just get the straight truth. A man with his various flaws does his best to entertain you, if at all possible, whenever he can.

I’ve tried making a youtube channel, starting podcasts, and even talking with a friend and letting them record me over on their website in an effort to get my thoughts across to anyone who might listen. After evaluating the various offerings I’ve given over time, very few of them appear to have relevance to anyone’s own life. So here I’ll place thoughts down that I expect less than one person to ever read. This space is just a dedicated area to let the muse flow over and through me and doesn’t need to be more. I’m not attempting to create a new brand or be that young enterprising entrepreneur. I do offer a cool new service, so if you’re into it, check it out here.

Today has been a good day off from the work grind. Recently I had to take some eye-drops due to an allergic reaction I had while wearing contact lenses. Yesterday was the first day I was no longer on the drops and it kicked my ass pretty hard. I became a zombie as, presumably, the steroids exited my all too sensitive system. Supposedly steroid drops aren’t supposed to have adverse effects on most people, but I’m not most people. For whatever reason, these drops were the worst medication I’ve had to take in my life. And I’ve been on amiodarone!

Taken a few evenings ago around where I live.

I went on a long hike this morning in the glorious weather (72 and partly cloudy, low humidity etc.), shortly after I got a haircut and went to the library to write in my upcoming novel (over 1300 words today! Whoop!) Later this evening I will attend my wife’s yoga class because Monday’s are good days for this sort of thing. Tomorrow I’ll be off to work again, and in a couple weeks, I’ll be taking a visit with the family to Sacramento California to enjoy a family wedding.

Okay, that’s it for today. My fingers might fall off if I write any more words after these.

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