It’s Time

This isn’t a blog article about the mechanics of time. Instead, this is just me saying hello because it’s time to do so. It’s a new year, it’s a new fresh look to the website. I was seriously going to ditch this one, but then I thought why the hell would I do that? This one is just fine.

You might be interested to know what I’ve been up to. Have you guessed already? You’re right. Writing, reading, meditating, and doing a lot of soul-searching. I still work a day-job, I’ve been working there for 7 years now. I still attempt writing stories I think people might want to read.

I gave up on social media, specifically twitter and facebook. I still have an instagram account (which I don’t advertise on, but just kind of throw the random picture up now and then.)

Ooh, here’s something you wouldn’t know unless we’re close. I’ve been writing certain projects under a couple of pseudonyms. If anyone gets really interested just let me know and I’ll add it to my website.

I tried and failed to start several podcasts too. It turns out you have to really work on those, and time is a precious commodity for me. I’d rather be writing fiction as opposed to my opinions. Or, if I’m going to write down my opinions, I may as well do so here on my website.

I’ve got a lot going on as usual, but until I have something to show you all, I can’t really put it out there. So there’s just a lot of not seeing what I’m really up to. Life is like that I’ve found. Time swallows all endeavors, does it not?

I just thought it was time to say hello.

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