Reality and the Work

If this world and universe and all of us in it are nothing but a simulation, it begs the question: what is reality? If reality is a shared and agreed upon experience, then what we know right now is reality enough. What does it matter if this is ‘real’ or simulation if it’s impossible to tell the difference for the casual onlooker? Even if you saw the simulation (supposing that’s what this is) you wouldn’t suddenly be a superhero capable of flying like Superman or dodging or stopping bullets like Neo from the Matrix. You would still just be as you are.

The only differences right now are the potential to make different choices about what you do next. And let’s be clear, the room is painted in a pattern. So options are entirely limited. It’s what you do with the knowledge and skills you already have that define the kind of reality you are capable carving out for yourself. At least to some extent. The more you get familiar with the workings of your own mind, the more capable you’ll become at navigating the patterns and conditioning foisted upon you. Nonetheless, the moves any of us can make are still limited to what’s actually available.

If there’s any freedom we can hope to have, it’s in our thoughts and feelings and beliefs. But that takes a tremendous amount of work. And we work so hard already just moving the pieces around at our fingertips. The work of getting to know your mind and your conditioning and tweaking that for the better is a slow and lifelong process. You can enjoy the world as it is and you can enjoy the world you decide to create for yourself, and neither endeavor will ever be called ‘easy’.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but life is fleeting and speeding ahead. Time is only somewhat on your side. The decisions you make now are based in your conditioning too. The only means to shift that conditioning is to broaden your scope of perspective and determine to learn something new. Part of understanding the mind is by reading and reflecting the thoughts of others. That’s as much the work as anything else.

But hey, you have options (however limited).

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