Your voice shouting into the wind.

For a moment, try to visualize billions of people standing in an enormous circle, linked by holding hands with each other. Now imagine one person begins to speak. Their voice reaches maybe twenty or thirty people around them. Maybe more, it just depends on how loudly they can talk.

Next, envision more people start to talk too. Everyone joins in after a while. Now if you want to be heard you have to shout louder and louder.

That is similar to our situation in the world now. You can say whatever you want, but the chances of you being heard are exceptional unless what you say is outlandish, brash, abusive, or diminutive enough–then you’ll be noticed because you’ve literally offended someone’s sense of honor just to be heard.

Our brains are hardwired to find the danger, spot it, focus on it, and either confront it (fight) or get the hell away as quickly as possible, depending on what the threat is (flight).

When someone speaks up, says something creative or positive, they have to have megaphones attached to their mouths. It also helps a lot of they’re popular figures, people with a lot of money and naturally enter into the spotlight.

Being creative is its own challenge. You’ll probably get more eyes looking at something you made if it also happens to be outrageous somehow. If you’re an unknown voice, it will be harder to shout past the wind and noise of so many others who had a head start, and a lot of attention as a result.

Of course I’m talking here about writing and publishing books. There are millions of books that made it to the bookstore. And we all have different tastes, which means back in the day when you might enter into a bookstore and browse around, you’d see a bunch of interesting looking books published and ready to go–but you might only buy one or two out of hundreds!

It’s not just that you’re shouting into the wind. It’s not just that you haven’t found your most outlandish thesis on life to put forth to humanity with your brilliance. There’s an ocean of humans vying for your attention, and you’re one of them.

This isn’t to say you can’t be heard. Of course you can. Of course you will. And if you’re talent and drive are equal to your willingness to push through the crowds, your shouts will start to be heard. People will turn their attention in your direction. If you put your shoulder to something you believe in and push, push, push, good events and connections will open up for you.

It’s not just about shouting into the wind. It’s about your motivation and work ethic. It’s about how diligently and professionally you’re willing to show up to the work of your offering.

You can do this.

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