Pushing Past Despair

It’s easier than ever to lose an enduring sense of hope for the future of humanity. While incompetent leaders push forward with agendas related to how it benefits their bottom line, the Globe continues to rapidly warm up–threatening even the most majestic wildlife. The landscape of politics has been eroded to something unrecognizable just in my short 40 years of life. Concurrently we have a tiny virus disrupting the lives of millions, and threatening billions more. Many thousands of unsuspecting victims have succumbed to its cellular deceit.

As a species, we are highly connected and incomparably aware unlike any other time in history. The world we have built for ourselves, in the name of progress and comfort, in the name of freedom and the pursuit of happiness, produces too much the opposite. Consider the fact that there’s simply too much information bombarding you each day–information you seek out!

Yeah, you’re looking for it! Most of you reading this will have access to that information in the palm of your hand, twenty-four hours a day, for the rest of your life.

That sense of dread, of overwhelm, that sense that life is too heavy? You and I are seeking it out. Sure, a lot of it simply arrives to us in eye-catching headlines, but the people we hang out with tend to echo back to us some of what we already know, and some of the stuff they sought out.

It’s enough to make anyone despair. So, how to push past despair? The fire of determination. The fire of persistence. The burning embers of good will despite all the appearances. The desire to take the next right action for its own sake. It takes courage to put yourself in a state of mind where you are determining to surmount the tallest mountain of impossibility.

The journey up the mountain of despair begins with first a step, then another.

You might be thinking, yeah Scott, but despair means to lose all courage! So what are you talking about? The only antidote to the loss of courage is to take creative action.

Example: Go for a walk in nature (true that it is exercise, but if you tried to name the plants and trees you walk past, that’s a creative use of your brain). Take a bike ride and see if you can ride one-handed. Do some pushups. Write down how you feel without holding back. Tell someone you’re close with that you love them by making them a card. Draw or doodle on a piece of paper.

If you’re going to keep up with the news, you gotta let it back out somehow. What goes in must come back out. Same with food as it is with words.

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