Vying For Fun

In this pandemic we all face separately together it strikes me as unfortunate that the ‘fun’ has had to simplify down to smaller parts. Actually, that’s not entirely true–it’s fotunate if you know how to look in the right places! I’m sure for some net-denizens and agoraphobics out there this pandemic has not changed much for them, other than an added convenience of their places to shop now deliver (often in the same day). 

Then there are the rest of us. You know, people who enjoy going out to a movie and dinner. Or what about a concert? How about a musical or Broadway show? What about museums and other live events? We are wired to be with other people. To see others. To be around them even if we don’t much communicate directly. I nearly forgot to mention amusement parks (Disney World, I can’t even believe you opened at all!)

So now what? When the screens get stale and hard to look at. When reading and watching TV and movies and ordering in begins to show you how cut off from the world you are, what do you do that still feels like ‘fun’?

While the weather is still good, I might suggest getting outside and taking some beautiful photos of nature. Sunrise and sunset are always inspirational. Not your cup of tea? Why not try learning a new card game like Gin Rummy or if you’re alone, bone up on Solitaire. Maybe you can do a Zoom Chess game with a good friend who also enjoys the game. 

Not all fun happens outside you. And not all the stuff you do in the world of things can provide a sense of satisfactory fun either. There’s always meditation. 

Maybe you’ve been seeing more on the topic of “dopamine detox” lately? It’s definitely worth checking out. Essentially it means you take away all the toys and the stimuli and the never-ending outer stuff to instead focus on not doing and not seeing and not feeling (and not eating). It’s giving it all a real break. And like magic, when you come back to it all, a little bit goes a long way. You learn how to be with yourself again. And you learn how to embody being fun just by the fact that you’re alive. 

If that sounds good, you’re welcome to try it. Free of charge. Oh, and have fun!

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