Another voice in the crowd mutters about the craziness of the world. In other words, it’s Saturday.

That voice is mine. It’s yours too. The world is going to shit. But is that anything new? Since we’ve been keeping a record of all the crazy stuff happening in the world, we find one fucked up story after another. There are a couple of problematic pieces to this never ending threaded-puzzle that I can see from my vantage point.

  1. We don’t know how to be ourselves, because we don’t even know what we are, who we are, why we’re here, or how to make much sense of what others claim are the reasons for all the above.
  2. We are too eager to trust the ‘authority’ of someone, anyone, who dresses and acts the part.
  3. If it’s written down somewhere, well by God, it’s gotta be real man!
  4. If you believe that ‘in writing’ is the same as ‘in stone’ you’re probably as doomed as any of us to repeatedly fall into patterns that sabotage your goals and undermine your autonomy.

There are many more lists I can make, as you know, but let’s just start there for a moment. Since this is entirely my space I’m opening up my voice all the way to call out what I’m seeing. In North America, what a lot of people phonetically refer to as ‘Amurrika’, white people just don’t fucking get why Black Lives Matter. More over, they don’t want to by and large. Did you take offense to that yet? Good. At least it shows that you’re thinking about it. The problem is that Black Lives Matter is the absolute least of it: we need to stop thinking of people with darker skin color as ‘them’ or ‘the other people’. That’s fucked up.

There’s one race and that’s the human race. All other ‘races’ are false. Do we have different genetic sequences based on climate and geological positioning? Yeah, probably, and that just makes the human race more interesting and unique in many cases. It doesn’t separate us. It doesn’t make one color superior over another color. Is the color red superior to the color orange? How about green? You might as well start arguing about why Mac is superior or inferior to Windows X.

“At some point, we have to stop being politically correct”, David Beth, Sherif of Kenosha Kentucky said, then he went on to add, “We have to get rid of this group of people1By this ‘group of people’ he is referring to people of color, specifically black people. Source:… we have to lock them up”. 

This same sheriff said back in 2018 “We’ve got to get a handle on these people. And maybe what we’ve got to do is build warehouses that after this generation is gone, and they’ve perished in these buildings, we can turn them into something else. Maybe it’d be malls. Maybe Amazon will buy these warehouses later, but at some point, we have to get rid of this group of people. We have to lock them up and not let them continue to harass, to scare, to hurt, to steal. We have to get to the point that we no longer will put up with it. We’re all afraid of being politically correct. I’m tired of being politically correct. I don’t think I’m saying anything different than most people in society aren’t thinking, but they’re afraid to say it.” Source: 2–racist-comments-about-black-t.html

He said all that shit publicly in a press conference. The racism is so thick in this country its like wading through molasses. If you think you’re not racist and you also happen to have white skin then maybe you should at least read White Fragility.

Yes I’m ranting and venting a little. But I want this post to stand in the light too. It’ll be here until long after I’m gone.

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