Scott Marmorstein

Hello there! A little about me, eh? I love to write books that entertain and share wisdom. I'm also a gifted healer. 

I don't fit the conventional, the normal, the expected. In fact, everything I do appears at first blush to be somewhat at odds. A guy who writes supernatural thriller and science fiction and is also a healer? Is that a joke? 

It's no joke, and it's no coincidence. The mind is creative, and my mind is no different in that regard. I find that in fictional works, for example, powerful messages are revealed to me that aren't as available in my non-fiction work. 

Healing is altogether another matter. I stand rooted in what I call Source, which is just the essential nature of consciousness that moves through all of us, and when it moves through me it expresses powerfully as healing.

I'm not necessarily talking about healing broken bones and fixing deep internal issues like diseases--that's not the kind of healing I specialize in at all, but sometimes even some of that kind of healing peaks through. 

I've been around healing and art my entire life, so the fact that my interests range in both realms is quite a natural fit for me. My mother was a gifted psychic healer who taught me how to see auras and work with people's energy centers known as chakras, and my father is a gifted and talented healer who also happens to be a world-renown chiropractor. 

I'm here to serve and to love. If you'd like a session with me, it's as easy as 1.2.3. (Click here!)