Once upon a time there was a young man, a hero in the making, who dreamed of being a writer and a published author. He wrote every day from the early age of fifteen until he was in his mid twenties. Then one day he quit. His dreams were slowly crushed by the seemingly impenetrable wall of Gatekeepers standing at the threshold of the publishing realm. This young man then pursued other avenues of mild interest, and at some point found a way to write his first book on a subject he was captivated by, but that still wasn't his ultimate love. Because it was a type of 'self-help' book of esoterica, he felt he could at least get that self published. It cost him hundreds of dollars, but at least he got it out there.

Then, one day, a company came along and changed all that. They said, 'Gatekeepers shmatekeepers! Write whatever you want and put it out there yourself. We believe in you. Oh and do it for next to nothing too. Shoe string budget? Perfect! You're our writer." He then did what he had always wanted to do. He wrote his first novel and self published it. Victory achieved, he was emboldened to make this virtual place a reality too, and published more of his words to fill the eyes of the curious.

This hero's name is Scott Marmorstein.