I have led a life of twists and turns. Not all of them pleasant or easy. At one point I died for my mistakes. You may think that's a euphemism, that I 'died'. I assure you, I actually died, physically. Not one to be deterred from my goal of living a good life, I returned to the land of the living. 

At some point I was a healer. I saw many things under that identity. I wrote a book about seeing auras and chakras and beyond. That sense of personality and identity retired from the public not long after I died and came back to life.

When I emerged, there was an intense sense of being compelled to write about life in the form of fiction. I am also writing an autobiography.

At every stage of life I have experienced up to now, the only consistent aspect has been change. The only thing I can imagine is that nothing stays the same. A person who appears not to change on the outside has a rich and stormy weather on the inside. I realized that everyone is seeking a way out of their acute experience of life. We all are. Stories help us thread the needle from the outside back in. We temporarily 'escape' life through story, and yet we are so totally brought back into our life by story. Our lives are the opportunity we've all always wanted. Because it's so close, however, we tend not to realize it and so squander it needlessly. If you want to know who a person is, pay close attention to what they say and how they say it.