Meditation & The Worlds Within

There really is an ocean of story. I borrow the term, ‘ocean of story’ from the Indian mythos. If you think about it, we’re usually consumed with what television shows and books we’re reading lately. We ask our friends or acquaintances whether they’ve seen X, or read Y, often. Have you looked on Netflix lately? There are more movies and television shows and original shows by the company than you can shake a stick at, or probably ever hope to watch in a lifetime. And if you hope to...may I suggest getting out once in awhile? You know, breathe fresh air, see the sights? All kidding aside, did you know there are over 5 million books published by independent authors like myself in the US alone every year? This isn’t including other authors from other countries.

I always marvel when people tell me they are bored. In this day and age I find it a relief to be bored for a bit. Because the alternative is over-stimulation. This is one reason (among many) why I meditate every day. To do nothing and to be absolutely bored is the point. Actually the point of meditation for me is to get very familiar with my inner process of attraction and aversion. What compels me, and what repels me. Why am I drawn to one kind of thought and push away from other kinds of thoughts? Watching the background of emotions in this body as I sit with my eyes closed I get a keener understanding of where and what my hangups in life are. This does not mean I need to do something or ‘improve’ myself. It’s the act of watching myself.

Certain thoughts produce a feeling of pain, there’s emotional pain involved just in thinking about certain people, places, or even just ideas about those people and places. That is SO powerful to think about!

There’s an ocean of story just within my own consciousness. I know there is that same ocean of story within you. I actually use that ocean of story when I, you know, write stories down. And I write as much as nearly every single day. It’s amazing to get to know what’s inside yourself. There’s a beautiful therapeutic power just in witnessing the sore places inside, the tender and uncomfortable spots. There’s also a lot of healing when I open up to the strengths and courageous aspects within myself. All this while sitting, not reading or watching television. There are deep worlds of story inside each of us. I’d argue that getting deeply and intimately familiar with them will aide you in your own storytelling.

I don’t believe in ‘ordinary’ people. Every ‘ordinary’ person I’ve ever met is actually extraordinary. No matter how domestic and routine their daily lives appear to be on the outside, there’s inner worlds of magic, wonder, pain, power revolving with everyone you meet. I see it so clearly in others because I can see it in myself.

Of course I meditate for many more reasons than just getting glimpses into myself or other people. It helps the brain according to this article. It’s good for the body in general, and as I’ve said, it reveals insights into the inner world and the ocean of story within each of us. It also underscores the massive potential and truly profound nature we all share.

Scott Marmorstein

My parents introduced me to my spiritual meditation teacher when I was just 5 years old. I was instructed in powerful yogic teachings of meditation, chanting and offering service to others from that early age. I began an earnest meditation practice when I was 15, giving me over 20 years of profound experiences from the subtle to the sublime. I wrote my first book when I was 25, and published it when I was 26. It's called A Sparkling Aura ~ A Sparkling Life

I’ve also been a healing practitioner for well over a decade, with thousands of happy clients. Witnessing people shift from a place of strain, pain, and overwhelm to a felt sense of relief, peace and clarity is one of the most profound gifts my healing work has shared with me. 

I’ve taught numerous workshops on Source Healing Energy, am a certified Reiki Master and Teacher or Shinpiden, and have been around healing arts my entire life. My father is a world-renown Chiropractor, and my mother was clearing people’s auras and chakras when I was just a child. 

All of my growing and informative years of life have been in the healing arts. I’ve borne witness to powerful yajnas, which are spiritual fire rituals performed by Brahmin priests, sat with holy men by the banks of the Ganges river in India, and had the great good fortune to participate in powerful meditation intensives in large groups most of my life. 

When I'm not busy being a family man, you'll find me writing the occasional novel or out playing chess with my friends.