Ordinary Person

Would you be devastated if your whole life you operated under the assumption that you were special, a genius, only to realize you were simply ordinary.

As I drove in to work this morning my eye caught the moon. I began to imagine that the moon had consciousness. It bore witness to all of mankind so far. From genius and truly special to ordinary and absolutely dumb. It also bore witness to people who would never have a hope of being deemed anything but handicapped by the rest of us. The cognitively challenged people of the world. I'm not sure what the PC version is, but I think you know what I mean.

In the end everyone dies anyway, right? The moon doesn't care. You could also make this leap with Mother Earth and even just the trees--all baring witness to our lives without comment or judgment. We are the only ones judging ourselves. This is not a new insight. Except it always is, because we continually fall into the same delusive traps of the mind. We have an inner urge or need to feel special and genius (not all of us do, I know a guy who hates the notion of being a genius), especially if we are creative type people. This has been true for me most of my life.

The real trick is to embrace being ordinary. To being no one and nothing special. Instead I believe the real power arises when we unleash our special proclivities and talents out in creative fashion. It adds lustre to our otherwise ordinary lives.

I'm curious what you all think.

Scott Marmorstein

My parents introduced me to my spiritual meditation teacher when I was just 5 years old. I was instructed in powerful yogic teachings of meditation, chanting and offering service to others from that early age. I began an earnest meditation practice when I was 15, giving me over 20 years of profound experiences from the subtle to the sublime. I wrote my first book when I was 25, and published it when I was 26. It's called A Sparkling Aura ~ A Sparkling Life

I’ve also been a healing practitioner for well over a decade, with thousands of happy clients. Witnessing people shift from a place of strain, pain, and overwhelm to a felt sense of relief, peace and clarity is one of the most profound gifts my healing work has shared with me. 

I’ve taught numerous workshops on Source Healing Energy, am a certified Reiki Master and Teacher or Shinpiden, and have been around healing arts my entire life. My father is a world-renown Chiropractor, and my mother was clearing people’s auras and chakras when I was just a child. 

All of my growing and informative years of life have been in the healing arts. I’ve borne witness to powerful yajnas, which are spiritual fire rituals performed by Brahmin priests, sat with holy men by the banks of the Ganges river in India, and had the great good fortune to participate in powerful meditation intensives in large groups most of my life. 

When I'm not busy being a family man, you'll find me writing the occasional novel or out playing chess with my friends.