My healing work comes from Source, from the Source of consciousness itself. I stand rooted in that, a river of powerful life energy that moves through me when we work together. It washes over those who come to work with me, and intelligently activates and opens all the hidden and challenged places inside each of us. 

So I'm not working on healing broken bones or terrible diseases, or looking into your body to see if you have such issues. Here's the thing; sometimes I see that stuff and sometimes I don't. The point of the work I do with you is to be present, be fully available to Source, which knows how to open and activate the wellsprings of healing inside you, and which inspires me to say things that will direct and benefit you as we go. 

I'm not here to lay powerful claims to special healing powers. In truth, the healing current of Source moves through me and into you. This makes it possible for you, if you're open to it, to make new connections you never could before, and to feel the changes of life energy happening inside you. 

I can open your chakras and cleanse off your aura too, but at the end of the day, the various actions I describe to you will give you the tools you need to create the life you want, day to day, moment to moment. 

So let's get started!