Have you just finished writing and getting your manuscript polished and ready to put out to the world? Do you want to work with someone who has the expensive tools and the know-how to put it together in ebook and or paperback for you, saving you days and weeks of hassle?

If that’s where you’re at, consider my low-cost formatting options to help get you started on your journey to self-publishing.

You might have noticed that the books for sale on this website are all professionally formatted for ebook and print, and that’s because I’ve made them myself. I can save you hours, days, weeks and even months of hassle, worry, and challenges by taking your masterpiece and getting it groomed and ready for public adoration.

For a basic novel with images, the deposit is $50, and with complications my fee is $50 per hour. Example: if I charged you $50 and I spent another 15 minutes on your masterpiece adjusting something to suit your vision, that would amount to $12.50.

For more complicated projects, like non-fiction books, the deposit is $65 with unlimited images. Footnotes/Endnotes for each section/chapter will go to my $50 per hour fee.

Let’s get started! Use the form below to get started with your book.