For those readers who have enjoyed A Sparkling Aura ~ A Sparkling Life, I have condensed a few key elements for quick and easy reference. Namely the following:

  1. Why we need aura cleansing and protection.
  2. Cleansing Methods: tree and shower techniques to quickly get "de-slimed" from psychic attacks.
  3. NEW! Bonus material: a special visualization technique not taught or written about outside of Scott's workshops.
  4. PVT (Protection Visualization Technique). This can be very useful when entering into places or situations where you are dealing with particularly negative psychic elements, people, and places.

These are the most basic and readily available techniques to use in a pinch so you don't have to wade through an entire book to find what you need, conveniently, and efficiently.

This ebook has been reformatted to look great across all Kindle devices and apps.